The advantages of being a woman in business

Women are still very much less likely to head into the big corporate world or run their own business. But the trend is going in the right direction. There is nothing that makes it impossible for women to enter the world of business. In fact the opposite, there are things that women possess that men don’t and in this article, we will lay it out for you in black and white.

Sure you need to be a bit more tough-skinned to go into business and you need to scale down a bit on that softness that comes with women. But you have everything it takes to run a successful business right at your fingertips.

4 key skills women can add to a business

Women are often more risk-averse than men

Men and women look at the same problem differently. For example, women are far more risk-averse than men. We tend to be more adherent to our stomach feeling and to go through things over and over again in order to reduce the risks. Whether it is an investment or a new product launch, this skill is an immensely valuable asset to a company.

Women tend to be more strategic

This point goes hand in hand with the above-mentioned skill of risk reduction. Women tend to be more strategic than men and outline a more detailed plan prior to engaging a new task. This might make us a bit more time consuming but it also is the reason to why we have reduced risk in business. We take fewer shortcuts and do more of the groundwork before starting something.

Women are more gentle and cautious about workers feelings

Having a female manager will provide the workers with a, most of the time, a more soft approach to things. A woman is generally softer and more mellow with their employees than a male is. This makes them excellent managers to handle staff. But it doesn’t mean they will let themselves get pushed around, or that they can’t put a firm foot to the ground should it be needed.

Women have a different perspective

When it comes to creating a new product, having a male-only team will probably make the product less likely to cater to women’s needs. Or make it in a way that they would prefer to have the product. Having a female on board will ensure the product or service gets perfected for both genders.

We’re not saying fewer men in business just more women

We are not saying that women should take over business here. The only thing we are saying is that since women and men have different work and life experiences. More points of view on a complicated problem provides a more multidimensional view. This helps in eliminating risk and increases the chances of a project to be successful. Women and men in a combination are probably the best for making business decisions as that gives you as many perspectives as possible as a business owner on a problem. Men provide a more straight forward approach while women see far more risks that can then be averted.

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